Crypto Basics

The volatility of the crypto markets makes the best case for volatility trading. Trading crypto volatility is insanely profitable when the right tools are used. Any beginner can hit the home run with us from day one of trading.

We encourage you to have a general understanding of the terms used in crypto trading to navigate through the settings easily. You can learn these terms through the resources at our educational centre. Also, peruse the FAQs for more information.

Trading with the right tools

As stated above, you need the right tools to succeed in trading. Failure to use the right tools can lead to devastating losses. Moreover, the markets are largely unpredictable, and it’s therefore impossible to predict the trading outcome. That’s why you must treat all crypto trading as highly risky.

Managing your trading risk

Treating crypto trading as risky means evaluating your finances carefully and only trading with what you can afford to lose. It’s not wise to put most of your savings in crypto trading. Investment professionals encourage diversification, with high-risk investments such as crypto taking less than 10% of the portfolio.

Trading crypto via Qumas AI

Speculating on crypto via the Qumas AI tools is easy. However, you need a basic understanding of crypto trading to succeed. You should go through the resources in our educational centre before getting started. We offer these resources in collaboration with the assigned partner broker.