Top 3 Reasons why Qumas AI is the best platform for trading crypto in 2023!

Powerful Trading Research

The trading research tools under the Qumas AI brand are expert-tested and proven accurate. This means that you can expect superior returns when trading with them. At least 90% of the trading signals delivered through these tools yield positive results. We reduce the complexity of trading by more than 30%.


Advanced Risk Management

The secret to success in all fast-paced online trading is risk management. Qumas AI website invested in tools to help you reduce the crypto trading risk by more than 60%. You can easily master the tools through the guide on the resources page. Some of the tools will help you develop powerful risk-hedging strategies.


Beginner Friendly Trading

No trading skill is required to run the Qumas AI trading system. All the tools are developed to suit beginner traders. You can master all the tools in a few hours. Our demo gives you a first-hand trading experience without risking your capital. We encourage all beginners to dedicate enough time to mastering the tools.


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The key Features that make us the Best Trading Partner!


NLP-Driven Trading Strategies

AI technology is the backbone of success in all algorithmic trading. All our tools are built on this technology. This improves their accuracy by more than 50%. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) subset of AI allows machines to generate insights from human language. This ensures successful news-trading strategies.


Machine Learning Powered Tools

All the tools are also based on the Machine Learning (ML) subset of AI. Machine Learning based tools improve accuracy automatically. They can analyze big data and learn as they interact with it. This means that the developers do not have to update them to meet the market demands. The Qumas AI tools apply the NLP technology at high accuracy.


Fast-paced Order Execution System

The speed at which trading signals are fulfilled greatly influences the trading outcome. We rely on powerful order fulfilment systems as provided by our partners. These partners include the top 5 best global CFDs brokers. Fast order execution prevents negative slippage hence maximizing the trading outcome.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Revolutionizing Trading – Qumas AI is your best bet in 2023

Automation through AI is revolutionizing nearly all sectors. Today, computer-driven systems can conduct complex functions at high accuracy. AI is revolutionizing the financial sector at breathtaking speeds.

All successful investments and trading are now data-driven. Investors and traders must therefore pursue data-driven options. Any trader or investor who ignores data-driven trading strategies is positioned for failure.

Data-driven trading is implemented through AI-driven tools. Big banks and boutique investment firms are investing billions of dollars in such tools. Up until recently, only the behemoths of WST and other global financial hubs could access AI-driven trading tools.

Investors were required to have at least $1 million in capital to invest in AI-driven investment funds. However, things are changing, with powerful AI-driven trading tools becoming available to the masses. But most of the trading tools available in the market today are out of reach to the cash-strapped trader.

Qumas AI is a platform dedicated to bridging this gap. We provide quality plug-and-play AI-driven trading tools. Anyone can use the tools to analyze the markets and generate quality trades. The order-placing process is quite a breeze for all types of traders. Our team is working tirelessly to introduce more tools.

Risk Management is the Backbone of Successful Trading! Qumas AI is taking the Trading Risk Management game to the next level!

You will become a profitable trader if you control your trading risk. Risk management in trading is quite complex.

However, anyone can build effective risk control strategies with the right tools. An effective risk management strategy is devoid of the emotions that lead to bad decision-making in trading. These emotions include greed and fear.

Greed tempts the trader to hold on to a winning position for too long, reversing the losses. This emotion is triggered by being overconfident in your trades. Fear is another emotion that leads to bad decision-making in trading.

Anxiety may prompt you to close trades before their fullest potential is recovered. This results in missed opportunities. There are many tools to help you keep emotions in check during trading. However, none can compete with what is offered under the Qumas AI platform.

Our Stop Loss and Take Profit tools are based on years of research. The Stop Loss prevents fear by ensuring that trades are closed at predetermined levels. These risk control tools are AI-based and hence recommend the levels at which trades should be closed based on your risk appetite.

We have also introduced tools to help you build powerful risk-hedging strategies. At least half of your trades should be for hedging purposes. With our tools, any trader can build and execute up to ten strategies in less than an hour.

All the trading strategies must be back-tested on the demo before being applied to live trading. The trading strategies that yield positive results on the demo are highly likely to be profitable in live trading. Please note that our partners provide the demo platform.

Qumas AI provides a less risky CFD trading option. Nonetheless, the possibility of losses is high! Traders should only commit what they can afford to lose.


The current recession fears shouldn’t dissuade you from Trading! Qumas AI comes with tools to trade the bear markets!

The rising global inflation is pushing the world into a major recession. High inflation leads to businesses cutting down production and increasing prices.

High inflation triggers authorities such as the FED to increase interest rates. This makes investors divest from high-risk investments and invest in savings and bonds. The divestment leads to a rapid decline in high-risk financial assets.

This explains why the prices of risky investments such as stock, market indices, commodities, and crypto have plummeted. There is a huge likelihood that the assets will fall further as the FED continues to increase interest rates.

The US is the global economic powerhouse, and hence any action by the FED affects financial assets across the globe. Traders wonder whether this is the best time to trade the financial markets. There are many great trading opportunities for those with the right tools.

Qumas AI comes with tools to help you build powerful short-selling strategies. The short-selling approach helps you capitalize on the falling markets. We have perfected the art of trading the bear market across different asset classes.

Our latest tools are built for crypto short-selling. Our algorithms are updated regularly to maintain top performance in all market conditions. At least 30% of the trading signals implemented on normal volatility are for risk-hedging purposes. This is what makes us stand out from the competition.

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