About Us

We have been in the online trading space for the last 25 years. Our journey started in the early days of online trading.

We launched our first B2B trading software in the late 1990s, which immediately became a huge success. Qumas AI is currently among the most popular white-label solutions in the market today.

We started launching B2C trading software in 2009. At least 5 of the B2C trading tools have been very successful. However, none is as popular as Qumas AI. We launched this platform in 2018 to help beginner and experienced traders make the most of their CFDs trading.

The platform became an online sensation almost immediately. We have helped tens of thousands of traders achieve huge trading success.

The team

We attribute our success to our highly dedicated team of quants. The lead quants are known as data-driven traders. Some of these traders have amassed amazing returns riding the stock market rollercoaster.

All trading through our tools is data-driven. This explains why we are heavily invested in a data-driven team. We believe that the future of trading is in fast-paced data analysis through powerful AI-driven machines.

Qumas AI uses the big data trading approach to help you remain on top of the game. At least half of the trades delivered by this software are lucrative.