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How do I use Quamas AI to trade multiple assets?

Qumas AI offers tools for speculating on four asset classes. You will find tools for trading forex, stock, market indices and crypto.

The underlying broker provides hundreds of instruments on each of the four asset classes. You can trade different asset classes simultaneously. Moreover, you can place up to 10 different trades at a time.

You need to specify the asset class on signup and select the instruments to trade. An underlying AI-driven algorithm will recommend the best assets to trade.

Can I use Qumas AI on my Android app?

We offer a platform that integrates with most brokers’ trading systems. These include the Meta Trader software and the cTrader.

The assigned broker will provide a link to access these systems. You can access these systems in web, desktop, and mobile versions. The desktop version is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. You will receive a link to download these systems.

There is also a mobile version that works on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. Download the Quamas AI integrated mobile app through the provided link.

How do I change the trading time zone?

You can change the trading time zone through the trading platform offered by the broker. Navigate to the trading time zones tab on the header of the trading dashboard and select the preferred time zones.

The best time to trade is when the market volatility is high. Markets tend to be more volatile during the UK or New York time zones. This is because of the heavy trading happening in these markets.

Select the time zone and click the ‘APPLY’ button. Stick to the one-time zone and always end sessions at the close of trading on NYSE for the New York time zone and LSE for the London time zone.

How do I determine if the underlying broker is regulated?

Qumas AI does not work with unregulated brokers. Regulatory compliance is the first thing we consider when selecting our trading partners.

You can determine the regulatory bodies that govern the assigned broker by reading the information at the footer of their homepage. All the brokers from this website are regulated in at least five jurisdictions.

Moreover, they are KYC compliant and require all users to complete a KYC process. This process involves the verification of a government-issued identity card.


How does a Negative Balance Protection (NBP) tool work?

A Negative Balance Protection (NBP) prevents you from overleveraging your trades. Overleveraging your trades can lead to negative losses.

You should set the NBP tool to suit your trading appetite. We offer the tools to help you establish your risk appetite and align it with your trading goals. The NBP tools help you avoid the risk associated with fast-moving markets.

With this tool in place, you are immune to the negative losses that could result from the markets moving against you.

Do I need a crypto wallet to trade cryptocurrencies?

You need a crypto wallet to invest in crypto. Trading and investing are two different things. The latter refers to the buying of an asset with the hopes of making money through capital gains.

An investor should be ready to hold the asset long-term to earn considerable profits. Trading involves speculating on short-term price shifts. This means that you can open and close multiple trades within a day.

You don’t need a crypto wallet to trade crypto. The trading is facilitated by underlying CFDs brokers.

Can a beginner trade financial derivatives successfully? 

Financial derivatives are unique financial instruments that derive their value from an underlying asset. The underlying asset could be crypto, forex, stock, commodities, or market indices.

You can bet on thousands of CFDs on each of the five asset classes. Trading financial derivatives through traditional methods are complicated. However, there is no need to go through the hassles of traditional trading.

Any beginner can trade financial derivatives successfully through our trading tools. You need less than an hour to fully master the trading process.

How do I identify the best crypto trading platform?

Crypto trading happens through brokers. Only a few brokers support crypto CFDs trading. You can access these brokers by registering with us.

The brokers facilitate the trading process through the powerful MT4 and cTrader platforms. You can access these platforms by registering with us on this page. The trading platforms provided by the brokers are top quality.

The Qumas AI system connects with these platforms. You should be able to access all our tools through the linked broker’s trading platform.